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Do you love your mountain property, but need help keeping it healthy and resilient
against the hazards of invasive weeds, forest pests, and wildfire?

Consulting ecologist, Lucy Bauer, can help!

Fireweed’s Services

Fireweed Ecological Services works with private landowners to tackle three big threats to homeowner safety and landscape health in the mountains of Colorado today:

  • Noxious weeds stealthily invading our communities, reducing wildlife habitat and increasing fire risk.
  • Forest health decline in stressed forests where insects and disease find easy pickings.
  • Wildfire prepared against the increasing frequency and intensity

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Noxious Weed Management

Cheatgrass invading a slope near a building.

When a natural landscape is disturbed by home building, driveway construction, wildfire mitigation, soil erosion or other outdoor events, a perfect opportunity is created for invasion by noxious weeds.

Fireweed ES can help you avoid this scenario by assessing, advising, and also taking care of your noxious weeds before, during and/or after any disturbance on your property

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Forest Health Evaluation

Dwarf mistletoe infesting a ponderosa pine.

Our Colorado forests are under threat. Decades of fire suppression and rising temperatures have resulted in a landscape of sickly, crowded and vulnerable stands of trees.

Fireweed ES can help assess the health of your trees, identify insect or disease issues, and advise on measures that should be taken to avoid damage or tree loss and improve overall forest health.

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Wildfire Prepared Assessment

Dry pine needles choking a home's gutter.

Wildfire is an increasing risk property owners in the wildland urban interface face today. Research has shown that blowing and lodging embers are the main cause of building ignition.

Fireweed ES can help you evaluate your property’s vulnerability to wildfire by doing a comprehensive on-site home ignition zone assessment with you. I will offer practical recommendations and an action plan for hardening your home against encroaching wildfire and blowing embers, as well as for reducing fire risk in the surrounding vegetation.

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Service Area

Fireweed’s service area encompasses the Colorado mountain communities of western Jefferson County together with adjoining areas of eastern Clear Creek and Park Counties. Regions further afield may also be considered on a case-by-case basis.