Noxious Weed Management

Cheatgrass invasion close to a vulnerable residence.

When a natural landscape is disturbed by driveway construction, home building, wildfire mitigation, soil erosion or other outdoor activities, a perfect opportunity is created for invasion by noxious weeds.

These aggressive exotic plants, such as Canada thistle, musk thistle, common mullein and leafy spurge, can quickly take over and crowd out the native vegetation and wildlife, leaving an unsightly mess with long term environmental and economic damage. Cheatgrass stands can also present a wildfire hazard as they dry out early and carry fire easily.

How Fireweed can help

I can help you avoid this scenario by assessing and managing your noxious weeds before, during and/or after any disturbance on your property, using a sound combination of cultural, mechanical and/or chemical management within an action plan. Eliminating or reducing the spread of certain noxious weed species can be legally required of property owners to reduce environmental harm. Local wildlife and native vegetation will greatly benefit from your active involvement in restoring their habitat.

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Noxious Weed Resources

Resource documents are listed alphabetically from A to Z

Are Herbicides necessary?
How can we successfully manage invasive non-native plants so they do not threaten our mountain plant communities and wildlife, pose a wildfire risk, lower property values or just spoil our enjoyment as mountain landowners? Integrated weed management, including herbicides, is the answer.
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Cheatgrass DYI Management
Here are some pointers to help you manage cheatgrass on your property so it is neither a wildfire threat nor degrading the quality of your native vegetation
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Cheatgrass around your home? Take action!
When the Marshall Fire raced through eastern Boulder County in December, were you taken by surprise? The wildfire wasn’t burning in the mountains, or in a forest, or even during traditional “fire season”, and yet 991 buildings burned down within hours.    Why did this happen, and how can you avoid a fast-moving grass fire in your community?
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Got weeds? Getting help from Fireweed ES
Got Weeds? What to expect if you seek help from Fireweed Ecological Services LLC - from first contact to finding the right long-term solution.
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Noxious Weed Resources (2023)
Looking for resources on Colorado noxious weed identification and management, as well as useful information on landscaping with native plants? Here is a list to get you started.
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Presentation on Noxious Weeds
If you want to learn how to diagnose, treat and keep this weedy pandemic under control on your property, schedule a free presentation,
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Noxious Weeds Presentations

Below is a list of presentations on noxious weeds given by Fireweed. To request a similar presentation for your group, please contact us.

June 2023 (upcoming)
Got Cheatgrass? Don’t Get Burned! Understand it to outwit it
30-minute in person community presentation and information table for Blue Mountain Estates Forest Stewards Initiative Kick-off Event
April 2023
Got Noxious Weeds? Understand them to outwit them
40--minute Zoom presentation for Wild Ones Front Range Chapter
January 2023
Got Noxious Weeds? Understand them to outwit them
60-minute in person (and Zoom) presentation for Friends of Lost Creek and Mount Evans Wilderness
October 2022
Got Noxious Weeds? How you can outwit them
60-minute in person HOA presentation sponsored by Teller-Park Conservation District
August 2021
Noxious Weeds in the Colorado foothills
2-hour in person Informational booth with potted weed specimens at Evergreen Highlands Workday
June and August 2021
Got Noxious Weeds? How you can outwit them
90-minute in person community presentation and information table with potted weed specimens. Sponsored by Fire Adapted Bailey and Teller-Park Conservation District
June 2019
Outwitting Noxious Weeds in Blue Mountain Estates
45-minute in person community presentation and information table with potted weed specimens at Blue Mountain Estates Forest Stewards Initiative Kick-off Event

Service Area

Fireweed’s service area encompasses the Colorado mountain communities of western Jefferson County together with adjoining areas of eastern Clear Creek and Park Counties. Regions further afield may also be considered on a case-by-case basis.