Noxious Weed Resources (2023)

Noxious Weeds


Jefferson County Invasive Species Management

Colorado Department of Agriculture

These agencies have similar (but differently presented) comprehensive information on weed identification, biology, habitat and control, including mechanical, cultural, biological and chemical. Pdfs available online.


Noxious Weeds of Colorado 14th edition (Colorado Weed Management Association:

A useful pocket-sized ID guide to all Colorado A, B, C and Watch List species. Kept up-to-date with good color photos, but no management recommendations. Approx $7.25 a copy, ordered online.

Weed Management Reference Guide, 4th edition (Larimer County Weed District: 

Produced for Larimer County, but relevant to other Front Range communities too. Excellent information on noxious weed management including chemical control. Also available as PDF.

Phone Apps (free)

CDA Noxious Weeds: 

noxious weed identification mobile app for IOS and Android

Online Resources

The Nature Conservancy

A great introductory video to the noxious weed issue

Teller-Park Conservation District

Includes information on cost-share programs and herbicide purchases for 5 acres or more

Jefferson County Invasive Species Management

Lots of useful information on Management Plans and Timing, Weed of the Month, and a Weed Blog

Colorado State University Extension

Includes video on noxious weeds as well as on natural resources in general

Colorado Department of Agriculture: Noxious Weeds

Helpful information on Noxious Weed ID, Early Detection Rapid Response, County Program links, FAQs.

Colorado Weed Management Association

A mission to strengthen the field of science-based invasive species management. Contains great videos and noxious weed ID.

Native Plant Resources

Colorado Native Plant Society

A non-profit devoted to the knowledge, appreciation and conservation of Colorado’s native plants and habitats. Excellent resources for gardening with hardy native plants

Colorado State University Extension

CSU Extension - Native Plant Factsheets

Resources on native plants and landscaping, including fire-resistant options

Rotary Wildfire Ready: Fire-Resistant Landscaping

Includes valuable video and resources on how to landscape your property with fire-adapted plants

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