Forest Health Evaluation

Dwarf mistletoe infestation in a ponderosa pine.

Our Colorado forests are under threat. Decades of past-century grazing and logging (as well as more current restrictions on logging), fire suppression and rising temperatures have resulted in a landscape of sickly, crowded and vulnerable stands of trees. These trees can easily fall victim to disease and insect attacks, including dwarf mistletoe, mountain pine beetle or spruce budworm,  if no action is taken to improve forest health and nip infections and infestations in the bud.

How Fireweed can help

I can help assess the health of your trees, identify insect or disease issues, and advise on measures that should be taken to avoid damage or tree loss and improve overall forest health. Addressing potential problems early on with an action plan will save you time and resources, and result in a more resilient and attractive landscape around your home.

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Forest Health Resources

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Forest Health Guide
What you need to know to keep your forest healthy
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Service Area

Fireweed’s service area encompasses the Colorado mountain communities of western Jefferson County together with adjoining areas of eastern Clear Creek and Park Counties. Regions further afield may also be considered on a case-by-case basis.