Got forest health issues? Getting help from Fireweed ES


Got forest health issues? Getting help from Fireweed ES


Dwarf mistletoe parasitizing ponderosa pine

When you contact me…

Expect the following:

I will get in touch with you, within days (by email or phone) to:

  • Discuss your particular forest health issue, what your concerns are, and what help you may need to remedy the situation. I will field any questions you may have and point you to useful resources as needed.
  • Consider scheduling an on-site consultation and assessment by Fireweed Ecological Services LLC. The $95 fee covers a comprehensive evaluation of your forest health issues.

At the onsite consultation…

This is a joint venture:

We will meet together on your property (for an hour or so) to

  • Consider the big picture in a nutshell - your forest type, location and history, the tree species present, their age and overall condition.
  • Determine the nature and extent of your forest health issues - what forest pests or ailments are present. If is it an isolated incident, or more widespread. What are the implications of dealing with (or not dealing with) the issue now, or in the future, especially with regard to wildfire resilience.
  • Recommend ways your forest health issues can be dealt with, depending upon the types of pest and how well-established they are. Some control methods you may be able to implement yourself, while others may require the help of a professional contractor. For extensive issues, you may want to consider a multi-year forest stewardship plan.

The methods used for diagnosis and management ID...

It depends:

Diagnosis of pest or disease issues may require active investigation, such as

  • Removal of a patch of bark on affected tree - by gouge or hatchet to identify hidden insect pests (eg bark beetles)
  • Cutting off branch segments or foliage - to see pest damage up close (eg dwarf mistletoe, defoliator pests)
  • Examination by binoculars (up high) or by hand lens (up close)

Selection of individual trees for specific management - some may be accomplished during the initial consultation

  • Dying, overly crowded or otherwise-compromised trees marked with brightly-colored tree paint or flagging for felling and disposal
  • Healthy trees marked with a contrasting color of tree paint or flagging for pruning of lower-limbs for wildfire-resilience
  • Regeneration (seedlings and saplings) may be identified for removal, or for protection from wildlife browsing using fencing.

The forested property as a whole - if extensive, a follow-up visit may be required for

  • Further tree-marking or regeneration treatment (or to instruct the owner in the art)
  • Gathering data for the creation of a multi-year forest stewardship plan

Felling and removal of mature trees will be the landowner's responsibility. Contact information for local contractors will be shared.

Correct treatment of logs and slash to avoid persistence or spread of pests and disease, or fuel buildup for wildfire, will be addressed.

The ultimate goal…

Not a quick fix, but worth it:

Re-establishing a healthy stand of native trees where there was previously disease, damage or disorder is our ultimate goal for your property. Getting this done will help the remaining forest to be more resilient to stresses from insects and disease as well as to adverse weather conditions and wildfire.

Providing an aesthetically pleasing landscape with superior habitat for wildlife, beneficial insects and birds will be an additional benefit from restoring your native vegetation. You may also want to consider managing any noxious weeds or other undesirable plants in conjunction with forest management.

A Forest Stewardship Plan can provide a framework for multiple years of phased management to restore a neglected forest to a healthy and fire-resilient state: even once the problems and solutions have been identified, it is rarely a one-stop fix. Consider having Fireweed ES draw up a forest stewardship plan for you, if necessary. A sample plan can be accessed in the Resources section at by clicking here.

Follow up after a visit…

All in the loop:

I will email you within a few days of my visit, detailing what work was done, links to useful resources, and recommendations for your forest going forward.

I will send you an invoice for the consultation, to be paid by check and made out to Fireweed ES within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Should you choose to engage FES to draw up a forest stewardship plan, this consultation fee would be subtracted from the cost of the plan.

(updated February 2024)

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