Presentation on Noxious Weeds

Noxious Weeds

An in-person presentation by Lucy Bauer, PhD ecologist


Contact me to set up a free one-hour presentation for your HOA, neighborhood or community.

I will provide you with an email invitation (along the lines of the one below) that you can forward to your neighbors and friends informing them of the event. If the season is appropriate, I will plan to bring potted examples of noxious weeds present in your area, and other resources to take away.

As we emerge from another cold, snowy and blustery winter and spring, and anticipate the joys of longer warmer days, so too do the plants all around us! And not just our magnificent native trees, shrubs and wildflowers, but stealthy interlopers (awesome in their own way) that are quietly invading our yards and open space. Get them on your radar too. We are talking NOXIOUS WEEDS!

Noxious weeds, such as, musk thistle, common mullein, Canada thistle and cheatgrass (pictured below as mature plants), are exotic plants that have invaded Colorado, have few natural checks and balances, and are impoverishing our open spaces by ousting out the natives they compete with. Some, such as Cheatgrass, can also significantly increase our wildfire risk if not controlled.  Don’t let them get away with it.

While we may never totally eradicate all of our noxious weeds, we can get the upper hand. If you want to learn how to diagnose, treat and keep this weedy pandemic under control on your property, plan to attend this free presentation, sponsored by .......

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See you there!

Musk thistle flowering and going to seed at Wellington Lake
Common mullein in flower in a forest clearing 
Canada thistle flowering and setting seed in a meadow
Cheatgrass (Downy brome) forming a wildfire hazard in a residential area

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