Cheatgrass - Scourge of the West
Read about the fascinating history of cheatgrass in the US, what makes it such a formidable noxious weed, and the author's attempts to control it on her own mountain property in Bailey.
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April 14, 2022
Got Weeds? Getting help from Fireweed Ecological Services LLC
Got Weeds? What to expect if you seek help from Fireweed Ecological Services LLC - from first contact to finding the right long-term solution.
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March 26, 2022
Got Cheatgrass? Take action: Invasive grasses can fuel hotter and more frequent wildfires in our communities!
When the Marshall Fire raced through eastern Boulder County in December, were you taken by surprise? The wildfire wasn’t burning in the mountains, or in a forest, or even during traditional “fire season”, and yet 991 buildings burned down within hours.    Why did this happen, and how can you avoid a fast-moving grass fire in your community?
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March 19, 2022